Full Of Love

Full Of Love

The celebration of being together, expressing romance and rekindling admiration is this weekend. Make your Valentine’s Day full of love — for you and the planet!

This Sunday remember to celebrate the love for it all - people, animals, nature! Even though the whole year should be full of this feeling, we believe that Valentine's Day could be another opportunity to praise a sacred bond with nature and commemorate our one true love - planet Earth. We have prepared beautiful, eco-friendly pieces for you to brighten the upcoming spring and created a new Home line made from natural, certified linen and silk bamboo. All GRIZAS garments are a tribute to nature surrounding us. 

In the midst of all, do not forget to express the love for yourself as well! 
Take some time to stop and appreciate the little things and habits of yours. Reflect on a moment and understand that your time and energy are always precious and must be valued. Learn to forgive yourself and from time to time allow some sugary treats to brighten your day. Be sure to take care of yourself equally as you take care of others. 

Life gives us many things to be thankful for. We give our thanks to you for sharing the love for sustainable fashion and helping to make a planet a little cleaner place.

Lots of love,