Kids' Clothing That Reminds of Mum's Cuddles

Kids' Clothing That Reminds of Mum's Cuddles

Cheerful childhood days full of love, warmth, and laughter. Everyday adventures and little secrets. Cuddles and chuckles. What could be more comfortable for this than breathable and lightweight GRIZAS Kids clothing handcrafted from the finest quality fabrics including soft cotton, silky viscose, and, of course, our beloved organic linen?

Our linen is 100% pure and certified according to the OEKO-TEX® standard 100, which means that it meets ecological requirements. Linen is friendly to children's health and extremely gentle on the skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic and eczema-friendly, so wearing linen clothes will ensure maximum comfort without an allergic reaction. 

Finally, linen is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers, so we use it to implement our SLOW FASHION IDEA. Like linen, cotton and viscose are also extremely body-friendly materials that help create charming silhouettes and allow the body to breathe freely. Properly cared for, these fabrics are also durable and easy to care too.

We dream that our clothes would be passed down from generation to generation and this becomes a cosy and meaningful ritual for your family.

We always were passionate about the freedom of self-expression. It has always been and yet is a game having a  great significance to all areas of life. When you feel your purity, it becomes no longer a game but a natural state of self. The explosion of colours, adorable prints, and unique hand-painted motives in GRIZAS Kids collection encourages the expression of each person’s unique personality through a pure and authentic style from a very young age.

The clothing is your children’s canvas: let it speak and create their individual story.

Perhaps more importantly, the GRIZAS Kids collection promotes an understanding of a sustainable lifestyle that can embrace your whole approach over time. Then comes the desire to maintain a sustainable environment in the broadest sense of the word: not only the environment of nature and the living beings within it, but also the environment of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. We care about many things, but we have experienced that sustainable fashion and conscious dressing can lead to an even deeper understanding.

We strongly believe that handmade with love, GRIZAS Kids' clothes will fill your children's days with cosiness, playfulness, and completely natural motion. Unique hand-painted prints reminiscent of colorful splashes, crayon drawings will give your child not only physical but also emotional comfort and encourage freedom of creativity in an everyday world full of surprises.

GRIZAS Kids - clothing that reminds of Mum's gentle and encouraging touch.

Lots of love,