Protective Masks: Wear & Care Advice

Protective Masks: Wear & Care Advice

As some of you have already received GRIZAS reusable protective masks, we decided to share some advice about how to wear them and how to take care of them.


Wash your hands with soap or disinfect them before putting the mask on.

Identify the correct side of the mask before putting it on: red mark shows the bottom of the mask.

Pick up the mask by the loops, make a knot that lets the mask fit on your face closely. Put on a mask starting from one ear to another. Fit the mask to your face and ensure that it is as close as possible, covering your mouth, nose and chin. If you feel that the mask is loose on your face, you need to adjust the knot. 

When wearing or putting the mask on, try not to touch the middle part of the mask and only touch the loops. Remove the mask only touching the side strips and wash your hands afterwards. If you haven't been able to avoid touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly.


You can either machine wash or hand wash the mask. When machine washing it, opt for the highest temperature of up to 90-100 °C to ensure the bacteria are killed.

You can also hand wash the mask in a sink or a bowl. Take the sizing knots out to leave the strips loose. Lather the mask and rub it with soap or gentle laundry detergent. Make sure that inside and outside of the mask including strips are washed. Pour boiling water (from the kettle will work), on top of the mask in a bowl or a sink (be careful not to burn yourself), leave the water to cool off for a while and rinse the mask in clean running water afterwards.

You can also steam/iron the mask before wearing it – the mask will become softer and high steam temperature will additionally sterilise the mask.

We recommend changing the mask at least once in four hours or every time when you feel that it is wet.
Please remember to always wash or disinfect hands before putting the mask on.  Any barrier between your hands and your face is beneficial.

If you would like to purchase reusable masks, click here.  
 Keep safe! ♡ 


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