Christmas Shop 🎁

Welcome to our Christmas shop, thoughtfully curated for a holiday season's preparation at peace. Inspired by the sentimental memories, we hope that the nostalgic Christmas campaign will bring out the pleasant emotions and feelings in you. Prepare your heart for winter festivities ahead of time and indulge in nostalgic memories, joyful traditions and holiday magic. Take a stroll down memory lane of nostalgic, vintage, traditional English Christmas. Dive into cheerfulness and gift-giving spirit with us and discover what we've got prepared. 


Sparkle your way around the Christmas tree in GRIZAS occasional wear. The uniqueness of designer created festive wear is revealed by the finest sustainable materials, natural textures and refined silhouettes fluttering in deep colours. From festive devoré dresses and accessories, luxurious silk velvet blouses and trousers, to chiffon dresses in jewel tones, this holiday season is yours! Complete your glamorous outfit with statement jewellery and accessories, layer up with a warm coat, and you are all set for the festivities.


Reimagine yourself in nostalgic festive memories like cosy snuggle time on the sofa beside the fireplace, a Christmas evening dancing with a loved one, or even that enjoyment of the first snow… Let those memories inspire you! We've prepared the finest season’s presents in 11 thoughtfully curated gift sets from the most beautiful, perfectly matching pieces. We guarantee there is something for everyone on your list!


We present a selection of designer made pieces that are perfect for the Christmas season. Embrace the festivities in alluring silk velvet and enjoy being with your family in cosy knitwear. In this collection, you can find handmade gifts suitable for a lover of naturalness. Sustainable, authentic items will help to create a very merry celebration!


Let us guide you into finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! We’ve curated special gifting personas to help you get inspired and find a gift that is just right for the recipient. We’ve thought of every interest to help you arouse the best experiences from any loved one. Whether you want to blitz the Christmas list in one go or spend time pondering that special gift for a loved one or yourself, we are here to indulge you. Sit back and enjoy the return of Christmas magic by exploring our gift guide.



Handmade gifts may take a little bit more time, energy and effort, but that's what makes them so special and meaningful. That's why we've assembled the finest season’s presents for that special someone or simply yourself. From uniquely handcrafted jewellery to go with festive occasional wear, handmade knitted accessories and timeless staples that every woman would adore, make it an unforgettable Christmas with these pieces that are sure to capture your loved one's heart.


We all adore a well-wrapped gift and one of the best ways to make a difference is by using sustainable wrapping. This year at GRIZAS we will outstandingly pack your gift in a bright-coloured reusable linen material, enhanced with a natural dried plant and will add a vintage greeting card to bring back those nostalgic memories. They will look ever so pretty positioned underneath a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Tick ''wrap as a gift'' at the shopping cart if you wish your order to be wrapped.


 Remembering & making new memories with GRIZAS