AW19/20 Prints

AW19/20 Prints

The unique GRIZAS hand painted prints are a fundamental part of the AW1920 collection. As a contrast to the bursting sunset looks, the new prints calm down the whole collection. Peaceful and monochromatic, the prints of the season are subtle and easy to style, featuring the abstract motives or long known shapes of the beloved bubbles or dots.

Calm image of the rain slowly pouring on a late autumn evening with drops one by one, bit by bit, racing towards the windowsill is reflected on the new exclusive GRIZAS print. Relaxing sounds of rainwater leaving its footprints and mixing in pastel colours could be heard and wind dancing with the rain can be seen – all imprinted on GRIZAS new designs.

As a little kid on a sunny autumn day blows soap bubbles and they fly up to the sky reflected by the sun and all the mesmerizing colours of nature reflecting on them, the pure gentleness of lightweight bubbles falls down on beloved Grizas print in the AW 19/20 collection.

Drops falling soundlessly in the middle of the night beautifies all that it is covering. Small dotty shadows seal the picture by gently sleeping on the ground and encountering with wet surfaces. The wind force will thrive the drops straight to GRIZAS print.

Leaves print

What a beautiful vision it is to see leaves bursting in all the brightest colours and covering the ground. The cascade of them falling and meeting in the lights and shadows of the sun has something incredibly significant, which GRIZAS turned into the new collection print.