Dressing For Your Body Type

Dressing For Your Body Type


Some might say that when playing with fashion, rules don’t apply. However having some guidelines might help, especially when it comes to your body type. Knowing your body shape helps acknowledge the most beautiful and not-so-beautiful features of your figure, which comes in handy when choosing suitable clothes. Especially when there are so many choices, we do want to make it right!



Pear shaped woman’s widest parts of the body are hips and thighs, the waist is larger than her bust and she has slim arms. So it is best to emphasise the top part of the body and minimise the image of the hips. Therefore GRIZAS tops in bright colours and prints, dresses with clear waistline, longer tunics, flamboyant jackets, and details around the neck will beautifully proportionise the feminine look.





Ladies with an hourglass figure are lucky to have a clear defined waist, curves, and their bust and hip measurements are about the same. This body type will look great in all styles, however hourglass figured women can use the advantage and highlight the waist and neckline with peplum dresses, wrap around dresses, and more fitted GRIZAS clothes.








This body type features less visible curves, where shoulders and hip measurements are about the same and the waist is not well defined too, so the figure reminds of a square and is kind of ,,boyish’’. However it can definitely be the advantage as if you have a rectangle shaped figure you can wear clothing that reveals arms and shoulders, and play with some feminine GRIZAS looks to create more visible waist.







An oval shaped figure lady carries the most weight around her waist, doesn’t have a well-defined waistline, but has slim legs and hips. So the goal is to make the waist look slimmer and emphasise beautiful legs and arms. A line silhouette, V or lower neckline dresses, flowy tunics, shorter dresses and various jackets from GRIZAS assortment are the best way to go.







These are just the basic rules, but all shapes may vary and you may have the features of different body types. So the rule is simple – highlight the most beautiful parts of your body (note: we ALL have those!) and minimise attention from the parts you are not happy with. Whatever the body type is, you will have plenty to choose from GRIZAS collection. But remember to love yourself because all shapes are beautiful.