New Collection Prints

New Collection Prints

The key stroke of our AW20/21 collection is prints. Created with the most current trends in mind, hand-painted and artistic, new prints vary from minimalistic to contemporary & colourful. A wide range of unique figures and sophisticated lines serve the purpose of enlightening the most beautiful parts of autumn and winter.

AW20/21 collection delivers four different printed fabrics that all can be matched together. Bright and intense, prints this year focus on the balance between a new, modern approach and timeless, proven styles. The colours of the prints are reflecting one another and keep a perfect line with the whole collection, making it very easy to style.

This season GRIZAS left a place for interpretation and thus the prints are a true work of art, each being a mini painting.

Abstract print 

Starting with minimalist white abstract figures floating in the dark blue background, we set a foot in shifting traditional looks with GRIZAS original touch. The print creates a classical, well-known look, yet the figures are one of a kind. This print comes to life as it looks one way at the first glance and all another one from a deeper look. 

Leaves print

This print is a reflection of nature, never ending inspiration of GRIZAS. Unique leaves, flowers and plants in the autumnal palette with a bright twist of morning dew bring calmness and peacefulness. Clothing pieces imprinted with this view are a perfect combination of glamorous and luxury, yet simple and natural, so can be equally enjoyed on an evening dress and on a day to day trousers.

Fairy-Tale print

The never ending contemporary approach of AW20/21 prints can be felt in this abstract and blazing print. Moving from classical interpretations GRIZAS fades into the world of art. The colours are bright and the image seems to be moving, always changing and telling a story. Small details are giving both – ease and elegance in one, and print can be displayed on any garment representing new and original fashion.

Modern print 

Modern vibes of the collection prints are fully represented in this avant-garde expression of lines, dots and figures. The print brings the expressive and lively mood and is a peak of a contemporary element in AW20/21 prints. It leaves all similarities behind and delivers different, never seen before style. This colourful print moving around on a garment looks vivid and playful.

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