Soft And Fresh Garments: Prewashed For Easy Care

Soft And Fresh Garments: Prewashed For Easy Care

Did you know that every Grizas piece of clothing is being prewashed? 
We do that so the garment could maintain its shape and size and additional washings would not shrink the garment significantly.

Here is how it works: we produce a larger garment and wash it by using specific laundry techniques in order to prevent the piece from shrinking and stretching as much as possible. Then your garment is being tested and carefully measured afterwards to make sure the sizing is just right. All our fabrics – linen, wool, cotton and silk – are being washed with certified ecological laundry detergents and softeners to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

You can be confident that you don’t need to get a size larger piece to account for any shrinkage. No worries about washing it after purchasing either – you get a soft and fresh piece of clothing that is easy to care for.