SS21 - the essence of natural beauty

SS21 - the essence of natural beauty

The new GRIZAS SS21 collection was born from a strong desire to create a profound tribute to nature. It always is our never-ending source of inspiration. Due to the challenging year, we understood the impact of nature on our lives and our impact on the planet even more deeply. 

After thoughtful designers' work, the collection covered in bright hand painted prints turned out to be full of life and light and we could not be happier that the reflection of nature in our eyes is cheerful and vivid. However, we coloured our garments in pastel shades as well, expressing that nature is not only luminous but also calm and peaceful. So, just like the earth is balanced, our Spring/Summer 2021 collection is in harmony as well. 

As the perfectly matching colours were discovered, we explored the vibe of nature further and agreed that for us nature is free, loose and relaxed. Thus inspired by this, SS21 consists of carefree new designs devoted to being comfortable and yet elegant. Made from natural materials GRIZAS pieces help to feel effortless and breezy in any place and situation. 

We imprinted our new SS21 collection in a place where endless sand dunes make positive ripples and bright blue sky meets with the deep sea: a gorgeous resort in Lithuania - Nida. The visit to one of the most impressive seaside included in the UNESCO World Heritage List last summer was truly amazing. The entire area of the Curonian Spit cultural landscape reflects valuable qualities and underlying processes, retains historical functions and specific sustainable land use methods related to the peculiarities of the natural environment, and reflects the unique spiritual bond between humans and nature. We relived that magical bond deeply. 

SS21 collection is the purest prove of our love for nature. Enjoy the essence of natural beauty