The First Edition Of The AW'23/24 Collection

The First Edition Of The AW'23/24 Collection

Autumn comes bringing us back to our homes, offices and routines. It invites us to rediscover the cosiness of living, working, and creating. The never ending fashion game is moving from summer to autumn without letting us get bored: step into the first edition of the AW'23/24 collection and choose the colour of your game!


The initial season's palette consists of bright shades of golden limeburnt orange, claret or blue violet and muted hues such as navydark sagechocolate, forest grey, maroon, and classic blackBright colours have not disappeared anywhere - this time they are deeper, more surprising, and rich. 


Before we start a new fashion game, let us introduce you to new fabrics that are sure to become your favourites this season!

Restrained linen comes to life with a powerful duo of orange and purple checks, as a silent protest against the gray and cold autumn. The checked linen is also available in turquoise and navy, gray and black combinations.

Checks have been playfully revived as a symbol of peace, stability and balance, which are especially relevant nowadays. These gorgeous fabrics are as beautiful as they are natural, strong and durable. Trend and sustainability have never been so tightly bound which is a victory in the face of the climate change. 


And now, when you are ready for good fortune, roll the dice and see what prints will bring you luck this season! The early autumn collection surprises us with two enigmatic prints that everyone can decipher with their own creativity and courage. Energetic and revitalising Paint Mosaic dances provocatively on cotton jersey and delicate silk. Consisting of vivid green, pink, neutral hues in a camouflage pattern, it will turn all heads and will earn you compliments from strangers.


Let us intrigue you with a Paintwaves print unique in its nature: the passionate strokes create an evocative liveliness in the fabric and leave room for our interpretations. The versatile paintwave print is expected to be the hit of the season: leisurely cotton jersey and evening wear silks in plenty of colour choice stand out as stylish highlight pieces. More paintwave news are coming soon!


GRIZAS designers masterfully turned this collection into a game without rules. Through the clever use of materials, they have revealed unexpected possibilities for fabrics. Occasion wear styles feature an artistic sense which reveals in ephemeral, architectural way.   

Discover thoughtfully created styles, featuring luxury, complexity and sophistication!


Leisure wear styles are full of surprises in mixing and matching different fabrics, or for putting two silhouettes in one. If you think the oversized fashion reached its peak, this season you will find layers of the strong, thick cotton jersey that will be the cosiest space for your stylish experiments. Two in one garments will be popular in our collection as they are perfect for effortless layering. Layered with a cardigan and wool coat, a dress with a jumper top will reveal your most delicate sense of style.

Prints, patterns, colours! This AW'23/24  collection is a big puzzle that everyone can put together as they wish and create a harmonious and stylish combination.


Look forward to the new collection at its fullest: new fabrics, such as luxurious silk velvet this season is reborn in an abstract yet romantic flower pattern. Customer beloved crinkled silk linen will surprise you with flirtatious circle embellishments. For a more subtle look, you will always win with warm waffle textured linen that will be available in various seasonal colours. The harmony of fabric's pattern and designer's created sillhouettes will not leave you indifferent this year.


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