Thoughtful Summer SALE

Thoughtful Summer SALE

Cheerful summer days are halfway through and we can see how new styles enrich this season and become clients' favourites. We are happy to announce that the Spring/Summer SALE has just begun which gives the perfect opportunity to invest in timeless and exceptional GRIZAS garments now for less.

We continue to explore and seek balance in society, nature and art. The last summer campaign is truly meaningful and nurtures the value of sustainability. The photographs were taken in Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, in the abandoned ship transformed into a sustainable art centre on water.

We offer you not just buying and adding more pieces to your wardrobe. Below you can find interesting facts about why this sale is so special.


Designer made garments

Our clothing is designer made, thoughtfully created from quality fabrics in unique patterns and hand painted prints that make GRIZAS clothes one of a kind. This sale is a perfect time to treat yourself and get unique designer creations for less.

Sustainable and natural fashion

It is no secret and we just want to remind you that our clothing is natural and sustainable. Certified organic linen, soft and dense cotton, light as feather silk, silky viscose, and fluffy wool are the main fabrics we craft from. All these materials are long-lasting, breathable and friendly to the body. And not just that…

Items you can wear all year long
Being natural and high-quality, GRIZAS clothes last for many years, so when you find your beloved style, you don't need to be afraid that it is temporary. Even if the time comes to refresh your wardrobe, you will feel at ease handing over timeless quality clothes to your family or friends. 


All sizes available

Our muse which inspires us to create is in every woman with her unique appearance, taste, and personality, so we express that through the availability of all clothing sizes even on sale (while, unfortunately, on usual sales, you can only find limited sizes). Use the filter and find your size on sale easily. If you don't find the size of the item you are looking for, you can always get in touch and we will produce the garment in the needed size for you. Just grab a measuring tape, send us your dimensions and leave everything else to us.

Daily new sale arrivals

And despite the approach of sustainability we represent, we are far from letting you get bored: new sale arrivals are added daily, so browsing our sale can become your little tradition while drinking morning coffee (or anytime you want).

Plan your wardrobe ahead consciously

Although a sale's steal is a kind of success, here you do not need to rush in order not to miss your chance. Take a deep breath, get to know your needs, and plan your wardrobe carefully. If you need a consultation about styling, sizing or even upcoming trends, just let us know, we are always ready to make your day brighter! You can find all sale styles here.

Made with love
Last but not least, while buying things from GRIZAS sale, you can make the world a bit better place because we are responsible for the environment we live in and we sincerely believe that our clothes deserve the best home to have. We don't throw them away, we don't waste materials that clothing is made from. We have put together all our ingenuity, time and craftsmanship in making the clothes, so we believe that every GRIZAS garment is a gem in the right hands.

Relax and enjoy our meaningful summer SALE.

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