The Prints Of Summer 2018

The Prints Of Summer 2018

With summer only a few days away, it’s time to get inspired and prepare your wardrobe for warm season!

We would like to present you our summer prints – full of fresh emotions, colours and graphical vitality. These seasonal prints were inspired by the GRIZAS designers’ passion for art and desire to turn simple clothes into unique pieces. The vibrant prints introduce us to a colour world, encourage self-expression and create a personal story through experience and vision.

Discover our seasonal prints, the inspiration and story behind them. Find your favourites and create your fantastic summer story!


Splash print













Those who admire classic bubbles and would like something dotty but with a twist, will love our authentic splash print. It has become the GRIZAS signature and a true bestseller. Dramatic splashes of water drops look beautiful both in colours and in neutral shades.













Wavy print is inspired by the wind dust and dreamy shapes of nature. These beautiful abstractions are perfectly suitable for minimalism lovers, who only need a small detail in their style. This subtle art print appears in the details: pockets of our signature shirt, sweater, or a decoration for a long linen jacket. Nothing too much, just a creative touch to effortless minimalist pieces.









Colourful art





Bright and colourful painted abstractions made of paint brush strokes and bubbles that remind of a spilled bottle of paint. This print appears on soft marled linen dresses, tunics and scarves. The inspiration comes from the earth and its colours: the perfectly matching combination green, brown and a touch of yellow. Why not add a splash of dramatic colour to your summer wardrobe?






Creative miniatures




Wondering whats in this abstraction? Use your imagination and tell us what you see. For us, its our little friend, who is unique and different as every one of us. ,,Drawings on fabric are continuous miniatures, which are started from a line, dot and a colour. Each carries their short individual stories, spreading a fluttering message through the drapery.” This miniature was created using graphical drawing technique, and it looks best on white or neutral shades of linen.








Romantic foliage




If you miss the romance and femininity in your summer wear, you will love the romantic leaf print. Leaf pattern, which you can recognize from your beloved elegant silk, is rediscovered in a new way. It consists of three matching colours of yellow, light blue and grey on a white background. It is so feminine and elegant, just perfect for garden parties and summer occasions.









Colourful, contemporary and storytelling prints spread the message of innovative, open-minded beauty that breaks all stereotypes.