Gift Guide

It’s the season of long nights, hot drinks and holiday gifting. From tokens of appreciation for your host to practical Christmas gifts, we know it isn’t always easy coming up with unique ideas. That’s why we’ve created this guide that we hope will make it easier to treat your loved ones and yourself. Identify the type of person by the favourite activity and dive into the joy of gifting!
Make it an unforgettable Christmas with these pieces that are sure to capture anyone’s heart. 

★ The Chic Homebody ★

Do you or your friend prefer to keep it low and be at home sweet home rather than go out? There are just the right gifts for the queen of the household. Discover cosy blankets for snuggling, natural soy wax candles, effortless nightwear or comfortable cotton sets and be carefree and practical in your cosiest realm.

★ The Outdoorsy Adventurer ★

If one constantly seeks extreme memories and enjoys nature, even in the deepest winter - they can be qualified as intrepid explorers who love to be on the move, so their wardrobes need to be not only slick, but supremely utilitarian. Hand knit sweaters and soft wool accessories will certainly be appreciated by someone who is ready to conquer all the highlands and forests this festive season.

★ The Evening Star ★

Do you want to surprise someone who is always ready for an unlimited night out or a sophisticated celebration, loves to glam and enjoys compliments? Maybe that someone is you? Buckle up for the festive season and indulge in elegant styles made from luxury materials accompanied by sparkling jewellery.

★ The Relaxation Master ★


If you love to snuggle up at home, surround yourself with cosiness and enjoy the never-ending comfort, we've got you covered! Relax in your favourite spot and enjoy the latest exceptional treats. Our candles, blankets and pyjamas will be a perfect gift for you and all fellow indulgers in at-home pampering.

★ The Haute Host 

The holiday season is going to feel extra-special for ultimate hosts, who are always up and ready to entertain. And for the trendy caregivers, getting dressed up is all part of the joy. Timeless crinkled pieces, elegant silk velvets or stylish jumpsuits - choose the perfect gift and let the imagination of the biggest fashionista flow free at the Christmas party.


Still not sure what to gift or have any questions? Get in touch via and we will gladly help you choose the most beautiful gift.