Easy to wear - easy to care

Easy to wear - easy to care

          Any piece of clothing isn’t equal to one another as they come in all kinds of shapes, forms and most importantly – materials. An understanding of how pure and special each fabric is should be on top of the list before purchasing any garment, especially made from natural fabrics or by hands. 

          Looking after your clothes includes high-quality material choice, wearing habits, washing and ironing specifics, hanging and folding ways. It’s no secret that taking proper care helps wardrobe last longer, look better and above all saves the environment. 70-80% of clothes’ environmental impact in its entire lifetime comes from only washing and drying, so please think before overusing laundry machines. 

          GRIZAS clothing is made from the highest quality materials and yet it is extremely easy to take care of. 

          Our favourites: lightweight silks and effortless linens are all machine washable either at 30° or 40° degrees. On top of that, ironing and tumble drying are allowed for most GRIZAS garments, despite the facilitation that the bestseller crinkled fabric does not require ironing at all and because of its uniqueness – looks perfect straight out from washing machine. Linen that we use is so sensible that for the refined look it can be ironed, for playful one – not. In addition, without any exceptions, all our materials used for your charming clothes can be dry cleaned. However, important to note: it is not permitted to bleach any of our soft and light fabrics due to their natural composition. Last, but not the least there is no need to worry about washing it after purchasing either – you get fresh and already washed piece of clothing that is easy to care for and won't shrink.

          We would like to remind that all information on how to maintain each extraordinary fabric is always provided on the inner tag attached to the clothing. If any doubts or concerns appear, care labels are accessible on “Sizing & Care” bar next to each item in our Online Store. Furthermore, we are always more than happy to help at sales@grizas.com

All GRIZAS outfits are made with love – take care of them with love as well. 


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