Green Apparel For A Better World

Green Apparel For A Better World

On March turn to the awakening nature and welcome spring with an eco-conscious mindset.
We dedicate this month to remind on the importance of the renewable, permacultural, recyclable way of living.

A healthy environment is a sign of a strong society and we are trying to prove that by supporting the necessity to adopt ethical approaches to production and distribution. We are extremely proud of what we have already achieved: 

Slow fashion – we do not provide mass consumption: our items are made to order.
Local production – all our material suppliers and the production itself are European.
One facility – GRIZAS garments are created and made under one roof and a single item is fully sewn by one seamstress.
Created to last – high quality, long-lasting healthy and ethical materials and meticulous sewing make the clothing durable.
Recycled packaging – all GRIZAS orders are wrapped in a silk tissue paper which is died with soybean dye and all parcels are dispatched in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

We believe that sustainable fashion is a vital part of ecological change,
so thank you for feeling responsible too and choosing eco-friendly GRIZAS clothing.
Let’s make a difference together! 🌏 


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