Meet the colours of the season

Meet the colours of the season

Every season we aim to surprise you with the new attractive colour palette, and this collection is no exception. There are 13 new beautiful colours in our Spring/Summer'19 collection. The colour palette consists of calm, subdued shades which create the smooth and light vintage look. Faded, muted pastel colours dominate in the collection with only a few unexpected bright shades.

The main colours are:

- powder pink
- ocean blue
- neutral (cloud) colour
- and wind-dust grey



In this collection we used warm colours - such as powder pink - to reflect happiness, enthusiasm, and feminine energy. The pink colour makes the clothes feel warmer, cosier and more romantic. These tones match perfectly with cool and neutral shades also found in the collection. Warm tones will look amazing on darker women.

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As a contrast for pink shades, we also used cool colours - ocean blue, breeze, navy -  which are the colours of night, water and nature, and are considered to be calming and relaxing. These cool colours in our collection give the wearer a sense of calmness and stability. Ocean blues are relaxed and calming. Breeze can be energizing and refreshing. Dark blues, like navy, are excellent for radiating strength and reliability. Blue colours match perfectly with warm tones of pink and neutral shades. Cool tones will look amazing on lighter skin blonde women.

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There are lots of neutral shades in the collection. Natural colours are considered to be calm, elegant and conservative. Light grey has blue hues mixed in, which looks beautiful with brighter tones. They are so easy to wear and commonly combined with statement colors. However, they can also be used on their own in designs, and can create a very sophisticated look. 

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No matter the season, we cannot live without grey. This colour goes with everything and is perfect for every woman. Grey - light grey, charcoal - is generally conservative and formal, but can also reflect a stable, strong and modern woman. It perfectly contrasts with light neutral tones, breeze, turquoise and warm - powder pink colours. 

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Our new collection colours beautifully match together: we recommend you to mix and match them in all kinds of ways.

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