SS'19 Collection fabrics: Linen

SS'19 Collection fabrics: Linen

The magical Spring/Summer'19 collection, inspired by the sunny summer vibes and lively nature, consists of various purest and exclusive fibres. Every fabric is a work of art because they combine high quality and eco-friendly solutions. Natural materials are the key to all GRIZAS collections and Botania is not an exception. It shines with its engrossing range of one of the most summer suitable fabrics – linen and embroidered cotton.

The romantic embroidered roses cotton lightens every summer evening as it easy unfolds on shoulders. All kinds of linens in this collection are a statement of comfortableness and brightness. Easy to care, breathable, lightweight and makes the best micro climate for the skin. Linen is irreplaceable in the summer because it evenly disperses moisture, maintains the same body temperature and warms if needed.
Linen is a perfect son of nature, that the ground is willing to share with us, all we need to do – is to enjoy wearing it.


65% Linen, 35% Viscose
This linen is unique because of its slightly crinkled (craquelure) and solid texture. It beautifully drapes and looks charming in the seasonal vintage palette.


100% Linen
Soft and comforting linen is effortless and feels nice on the skin. This fabric is perfect for natural summer look when dyed in neutral, barely visible shades, as well as contrasting bright colours, such as deep blue.


79% Linen, 21% Cotton
It is a whitened linen which is solid and slightly stretchy. The fabric comes in beautiful white and grey stripes which create the natural look. Long jackets and dresses in this fabric will be inevitable for colder summer nights. Coming soon.


54% Linen, 46% Cotton
This thin linen has a subtle bubble texture. It looks the most beautiful in natural white or deep blue.


100% Cotton
A beautiful embroidered cotton with roses motives adds a feminine and romantic touch to the collection. We suggest summer dresses, tunics and blouses made of this fabric in pure white, beige and grey shaded oliato.

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