New collection fabrics: Silk

New collection fabrics: Silk

Spring/Summer'19 collection is an exploration of the best materials inspired by vivid surroundings and always beautiful nature. We presented our natural linens and now invite you to join us into discovering Botania collection's silks. Apart from the crinkled silk and silk bamboo that you already love, we represent you the brand new silks that you won't find anywhere else.
The elegant pattern silk, introduced previously, is just a small part of lightweight, chic and floaty silks that GRIZAS offers you for spring and upcoming wonderful summer. By being gentle and graceful at the same time, silk is unique in its ability to make you feel effortless and looking luxurious.

Coming all the way from China when silk was used by the elite, GRIZAS silk nowadays creates the comfort and appearance of an empress to every single one of you.


63% viscose, 20% nylon, 17% silk
This is a rich textile  with a beautiful abstract floral motive. Luxurious and sophisticated, this fabric goes together with the stretchy silk and is perfect for evening wear.


92% silk, 8% spandex
Extra high quality silk  is very comfortable and easy to wear. It has some stretch and pearl gloss which gives the richness to the fabric. We recommend the occasionals including dresses, tunics and espe­cially silk leggings which are not only stylish, but comfortable too.


100% silk
The beauty of the collection: luxurious light silk  with subtly appearing ‘‘wet’’ flowers pattern.


65% silk, 35% cotton
It is a delightful fabric  which reminds of our silk and bamboo blend. Made of silk and cotton, it surprises us with the beautiful shades after dyeing. In bright blue it creates the charming vintage look, while in brown it has slightly washed-out effect. 


80% silk, 20% cotton
Decorated with subtle flowers, this sheer and rich silk fabric reminds of chiffon.We offer elegant scarves and occasion wear made of this fabric. Coming soon.


100% silk
This crinkled stretchy silk is romantic and lively. It beautifully drapes and is comfortable to wear. We present two types of this silk - plain, and decorated with‘‘ribbon’’ lines. We suggest to mix and match them together for a playful look. Coming soon.



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