Get inspired: fabrics for fall and winter

Get inspired: fabrics for fall and winter

With the official launch of the new collection, we are thrilled to present you the new season's gems. Discover the newly sourced high-quality fabrics, unique nature inspired textures and vivid hand-painted prints. The sophisticated and incredibly feminine autumn/winter collection is here. 


82% viscose, 18% silk

Velvet has become the supreme fashion trend for winter season. Rediscovered in a new way, it creates an exclusive luxury theme. Dreamy shapes and lines that reflect in the fabric, its sheer, soft texture and flow gives a sophisticated and incredibly feminine.





74% silk, 25 % wool, 1% spandex

Extra comfortable, cosy and warm fabric, excellent for cold season. Material features oversized tunics, dresses with wool inserts, long shirts and wide fit trousers to style the effortless look with an artistic touch.


100% silk

This deluxe material is the real beauty of the collection. A lightweight, transparent, but strong matte fabric gives elegant and floating appearance for evening wear.



The cotton jersey this winter is about the weight
and flowing drapery. Thick warm material does its best when playing with shapes and cuts. We present a
variety of pleated, baloon and puff dresses,
cardigans and light jackets that can be worn as coats, all with playful details of buttons and pockets.



Unique texture is a sense expressed through touch
and by sight. Traditional GRIZAS crinkled texture
reappears in new forms through silk, linen and
cotton. These patterns symbolise the constantly
changing surface of earth and forms of nature.


This luxurious texture reflects the abstract vision of wind traces in the nature. It creates accents and brings out shadows through two different layers. Together with velvet it forms a sophisticated and luxurious match.


We embraced and reinterpreted the beloved material
in a new way. A crinkled soft texture mirrors
winter earth and its dusty shades.


,,Collection nourishes personal relationship between the
designer and the consumer, like having a sincere
conversation using painting, textures and construction.
Every piece of clothing is created for a personality. And every stroke and texture gives the opportunity for this
personality to unfold. ’’ – designer Aura.


The favourite technique characterises the aged
vintage look. Not only it is complimented by the ,,splash’’ print which is great for leisure looks, but also appears on the textured stretchy fabric.





57% linen, 43% silk

The pattern that has become an ultimate GRIZAS feature, this season is newly reborn in large
see-through bubbles. Featured in linen and silk
fabric, it appears in two separate layers and brings out shadows.


Developed line of knitwear perfectly ties up with the
collection theme. We present warm knitted dresses, wool sweaters and tunics in main collection colours.
Beautiful winter flower details, large bubble prints and quadratic textures are the key features of the season’s knitwear.

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