AW 18/19 collection: the story behind

AW 18/19 collection: the story behind

 Late fall, early morning chill. Lower temperature seeps in, the sky looks cold. Nature is resting, covered in frost and crystals. Flowers are wilted frozen, they lost their colours and shapes. The only thing remained – a flower’s shape and its graphic contour. The morning nature’s image is as beautiful as rare.

GRIZAS autumn/winter 2018 collection Autumnal Nature Beauty aims to capture the moment of asleep nature. It is inspired by the nature’s adventure and the beauty of changing seasons. Autumnal nature is fragile, it can change in a minute - with one wind blow there will be a different view, so your first glimpse may be your last. Therefore moments appear to have a better meaning. Moments, that we captured and portrayed on the clothes.

Rain splashing its drops on the ground create vivid prints, while contrast of faded colours and unfading accents is the perfect background. Flowers, survived through the cold, falling leaves and windy waves form beautiful textures, while autumnal nature strokes inspire to experiment through shapes and cuts.


A fragile ice blossom – frost flower, which melts away as soon as the sun rises higher in the sky, is the highlight of the collection. Patterns, which curl and fold into gorgeous frozen petioles, create modern look for silk, linen and velvet.


Collection further develops the brand’s artistic features. We hope to inspire every woman to express her inner self through distinctive clothes that are closer to our essence.

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