The New Colours For AW19/20

The New Colours For AW19/20

Autumn comes as a silent friend. A bit unexpected, but with a big smile on its face. Gently touches your shoulders and wraps up in all its cosiness. At least that's what we were dreaming about while we found the perfect colours for AW19/20 collection. We welcome you to discover them in the same breezing sunrise mood.


Introducing the key collection colours:


    The expressive saffron that is equally perfect for a chilly evening and for a fancy party, leads the colourful way to the endless options for your style: classic black and grey, feminine burgundy, royal purple that is perfect for occasion wear... Fall in love with khaki and mustard match and let the new trendy of brick and teal hues to your wardrobe.

    Every colour looks charming, whether it's a celebrational dress or a soft sweater. The new colours can be easily matched together. Stand out wearing one colour from head-to-toe or add only a touch of it for your muted outfits. Use your imagination to play with the colours and experience the cutest season in style.

    Bright, light, colourful and expressive, this season's palette proves that even the coldest days can be filled with warmth. We believe that the happiness comes from within and we hope that our beautiful colours will help you to welcome the autumn as your old lovely friend. 


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