Nature Inspired SS'19 Botania

Nature Inspired SS'19 Botania

Dive into the magical world of flowers: fascinating ornamented beauties in brightest, eye-popping colours and one of a kind shapes. Floral bouquets of tropical blooms and graphic foliage emerge on lightweight materials of vibrant season's designs. Welcome to the enchanting garden of Botania where summer never ends...

GRIZAS Spring/Summer 2019 collection Botania consists of nearly 500 models and offers a wide variety of new modern styles with incorporated traditional GRIZAS designs. 
Botania refers to the artificially created-visionary flowers and is inspired by the beauty of summer nature.

Discover the natural and beautiful nature calmly settled down on handpainted and textured summer fabrics. The new GRIZAS designs are versatile, easy to style and while mixing them together you can create multiple outfits for various occasions.

The collection demonstrates a unique approach to summer apparel and promotes a laid back style, which is suitable not only for the traditional women audience, but also attracts a younger generation too. The woman, wearing the new collection designs, looks young, modern and fashionable.
There are 13 main colours in the collection. The colour palette consists of calm, subdued shades which create the smooth and light vintage look.
Faded, muted pastel colours dominate in the collection with only a few unexpected bright shades. The main colours are:

These four main colours beautifully match together: we recommend to mix and match them in all kinds of ways.

We offer authentic hand painted prints, and flowers (the main inspiration) are inevitable part of the collection: this season they are truly magical and unique. Ornamented, light-coloured styled floral bouquets, tropical motives appear on lightweight materials.
There are a lot of black and white prints which are modern, artistic and laid-back. Some of them appear on sporty style clothes, which is a new feature for Grizas. The print of the colourful paintbrush strokes on grey background – reflects our designer’s creative process and passion for art.

All new GRIZAS Botania designs are easy to style, all the colours perfectly go together, and you can create hundreds of outfits from them - there is definitely something for everyone. Never before summer seemed so easy and filled with vivid nature: explore


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