Modern Hand Knitting

Modern Hand Knitting

The process of making high-quality, eco-friendly fashion starts with special skills, precise attention to detail and modern approach. GRIZAS knitwear is unique and magical because it all is made by the hands of our dedicated and professional knitters. Their years of experience and deep knowledge of long knitting traditions is one of the key factors in the highest quality. We use a type of knitting that offers a hand knitted clothing made comfortably without any harm to the knitter and without any involvement of big corporate knitting machines. So every piece of threads twisted together are gentle and fine. All added details: flowers, bubbles and anything that our creative designers think of are mildly hand knitted and attached to the garment for a perfect look. 

The pureness of a sweater made by hands is indescribable and truly exposes itself while wearing. The soft, enveloping feeling brings back cosy days. It has not only the stylish power in it but also natural blending into the delicate and tender comfortableness. 

Take a look at GRIZAS knitting technique and see how the authentic knitwear from natural yarns are born. Every piece of clothing is hand-made with love and care by our skilled knitters using only hand knitting machines.