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Beauty through naturalness

Beauty through naturalness


GRIZAS clothes could not be equalled with all the rest, simply because they are so different and so expressive, but most importantly – natural. We, at GRIZAS, carefully source our materials from the best fabric manufacturers in Europe, so that every piece of the garment would come perfect. During long years of working in the fashion industry, we built close relationships with the weavers which helps us maintain the high standards for the best quality natural silk, linen, wool, bamboo and cotton. Thus our garments are designed to be more durable and last longer. We are proud to say that our clothing and other goods are produced by methods that do not harm the environment and unite ethical concerns. The ability to combine traditions with modern design solutions is important to GRIZAS. 



GRIZAS cares for the environment and how it is affected by our everyday decisions, so we highly encourage to join us and choose only natural clothing! This habit brings added value to you too: 


- breathable -

High absorption qualities in natural textiles are a huge plus. The moisture-wicking abilities allow ventilation through the fabric, to pull dampness away from the skin leaving you feeling dry. This is why wearing a pure GRIZAS cotton blouse can be very comfortable even on hot days.


- naturally hypoallergenic -

Our natural fabrics like silk, cotton, bamboo and linen are naturally hypoallergenic and have unique anti-bacterial properties, therefore making them ideal for sensitive or allergy prone skin.


- great insulators -

Did you know that linen, silk, bamboo and wool are self-adjusting thermal fabrics? They trap the air between the bends, creases and micro-holes of the fabrics, then this trapped air is used as an insulator to generate warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. So, if you are prone to feeling hot, in particular during the warmer months, fabrics such as cotton and linen will help keep you cool and comfortable.


- sustainable and renewable choice -

As well as being beautiful, our natural fabrics are environmentally sustainable and renewable. They come from trees, plants or animals, which can continue to be replaced, raised or regrown. Unlike many synthetic materials, natural options are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly. They are easily recycled and can be reused without harming the environment.



When it comes to the properties of GRIZAS natural fibres, it is important to state that there are differences that can be noticed. Cotton, wool, silk, linen and bamboo which not only look and feel different from one another, also have different qualities:



- Biodegradable
- Lightweight but warm
- Breathable
- Durable
- Natural fungal repellent
- Soft and luxurious
- Hypoallergenic




- Lightweight
- Breathable
- Durable
- Taut
- Non-allergenic




- Super soft
- Breathable
- Durable
- Moisture wicking
- Biodegradable
- It has antibacterial properties


- Biodegradable
- Wicks away moisture
- Breathable
- Durable
- Soft
- Hypoallergenic
- Can be produced organically




- Warm
- Doesn’t need pesticides or chemicals
- Durable
- Absorbent
- Flexible


GRIZAS cares about nature and about every lovely customer! 


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