In the change of a World's health, we at GRIZAS, have been adapting to the situation, which has been challenging for all of us. During this time, keeping our employees safe and supporting our customers has been our most important goal. 

With the pandemic approaching, health precaution items became the necessity. We reacted to the situation and decided to contribute to the well-being of our employees, customers and society. We are proud to be a flexible brand which quickly responds to changes - we expanded our production range and became the sustainable protective masks producers, while still creating women's clothing. Having high-quality materials, professional seamstresses, tools and support from fellow medical professionals, we have been producing the reusable protective masks since the pandemic started.

The health and well-being of our team, as well as maintaining their jobs, are extremely important to us. We work in a safe environment where we all feel responsibility for each other's health. Being a family business, we don't want to lose a single staff member and we are proud that not only we maintained all GRIZAS employees, but also created more jobs during difficult time. 


Our online store is working as usual and orders are being processed as quickly as possible. Although it takes us 7-10 working days to produce one order, slight delays (1-2 extra days) are sometimes possible, so we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. You will always be notified via email if your order needs to be produced. Please note that orders of protective masks and in-stock garments are being shipped immediately. 

Each parcel is being handled with the utmost care. Our valued team member Dana, single-handedly packs and ships your orders with extra attention to detail, love and care. Our workspace is always disinfected, we all wear protective masks and gloves at work, and if possible, we work from home.

We are in constant communication with our delivery partners UPS to ensure that the parcels are delivered as safely as possible to your doorstep in a timely fashion. We track every parcel carefully and inform you about any changes. Notification emails about upcoming shipments are being sent, with all necessary information and precautions advice.

you would like to avoid contact with courier, please leave a note on your door on the delivery day. If you have any delivery requests, contact us or your local UPS. 


We appreciate that it might be difficult to reach a UPS drop off point during this time, so we are fully available for any returns advice or booking a parcel's collection from your home. All return parcels are safe with us and refunds/exchanges are being processed on usual basis.


We believe in supporting each other and hope that these troubled times would be over soon. We do our best to motivate our customers and bring them joy with our seasonal designs. We gladly provide a personal service and full guidance for each and every one of you. Although clothing might not be a priority product right now, we are grateful for your continuous support for our brand.

Thank you from GRIZAS team for staying together.