Packed With Love

Packed With Love

We constantly push our limits into delivering the best experiences starting from the first encounter online into the decades of enjoying our clothes. Specialising in extreme care and attention, we know that every detail matters and thus we feel pleasure to share our magical moments with you.

High-quality requirements are everywhere at GRIZAS and for us, even something as simple as a box is considered as a work of ideas, art and love. So, we are proud to introduce you to our packaging traditions that are carried by our beautiful Dana. 

GRIZAS garments arrive at you in a box, that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, inside of it - beautifully folded clothes, wrapped into a natural and ecological silk paper which is customised specially for GRIZAS and printed using soybeans. We do not use any plastic inside our packages, hence the parcel that you receive is eco-friendly and represents our passion for sustainable fashion.

Every delivery includes an individual note for you ornamented with hand painted print and a special gift, that varies from a gift card, table placemat and scarf. It’s all because we appreciate every order and are happy to spread the joy and philosophy of GRIZAS to every single one of you.

All of our parcels that are being shipped to you are filled with love.