Made to Order Specially For You

Made to Order Specially For You

Since the very first garment that was created and sold by GRIZAS more than 25 years ago, we have always believed in the importance of the eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, so it only seemed fair to create a concept that would both help the environment and put our customer first. We found a perfect solution and even today our garments are made to order for each one of you. This means that we start making your ordered items straight when you place your order.

After every order is placed at our Online Store, our team gather and talk through the details so that the piece ordered would fit and look perfectly. If there are additional questions or concerns, we always contact you to arrange the best possible wearing experience. After your garment is made, the team make sure that it is perfect and ready for you. 

GRIZAS clothes are being made under one roof starting from a sketch and ending with a precise piece of clothing. Every garment means that much to us that it is fully sewn by one person. Our seamstresses each start and finish one garment and give their personal touch. The ordered item is created, cut, sewn, dyed, knitted, washed, ironed and packed in our production facility. If a matching suit is ordered, we dye all items together so the shade would be perfect. 

We don't promote massive production we are really proud of that. A special item production means that we do not have hundreds of unnecessary pieces from our collections hanging in the warehouse and we are making only what we have already sold. All our materials are natural and in addition to that, GRIZAS try to use all of the residues to promote a zero-waste production and continue to take care of our beautiful planet.

A made to order strategy gives us the advantage to be truly flexible and be able to vary and improvise, so we always consider our customers’ requests. Collection's colours are available for most of the garments throughout the season. We have a wide size range and you can choose size from XS to 3XL; in the special production sense it means that you will always find your size because it will always need to be made for you.

It takes a fairly short period of time for us to make your ordered items: 7-10 working days. And even though our garments are made to order, returns and free exchanges are welcome if the clothing didn't suit or it needs more adjustments as we do our best for you.

The biggest pleasure for us is to give a personal attention to your garments. Every piece is made with care and love.

Your GRIZAS clothing is made specially for you and it is as unique as it sounds. ♡